Back to handwriting

* The inspiration for getting back to handwriting is from my Russian colleague. Thanks for reminding me back of this old-fashioned note-taking.
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(not a) 2017 resolution

On the New Year’s Eve yesterday, everyone on social media kept posting their 2017 resolutions. Some wished for a new love. Some wished for posterity. Others just complained about the crazy crowds on the Squares.

This list isn’t a resolution. It’s simply a lookback of what I have realized this year and what I’ll continue to do in 2017. In fact, I don’t usually set goals for a new year, since every year unexpected events happen. Continue reading

From a night to morning-person

I used to be a night-person. I stayed up late and keep myself connected with Facebook until midnight. Sleeping is time-wasting, and I constantly need more and more time to work or browsing Facebook without any purpose.

The decision to switch to morning person comes from my recent health changes. I feel myself easier to get tired even in weekends. Continue reading

You don’t have to

Life is about choice. Sometimes it can be a paradox of choice. We have too many choices in this modern world. The problem is, you think every choice is vital to you.

There comes a saying “You don’t have to”. In this life, there are something that both and I don’t need to have to be happy: Continue reading